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The Hawemat 3000 CNC is the first full mineral compound base concept with integrated cabin in the field of grinding technology.
This provides the fundamental basis for a broad range of applications, particularly in the manufacture of high-precision tools and other special components. The double bearing of the grinding column (Y- and B-axis) has made it possible to achieve a maximum of rigidity. This guarantees a very high degree of precision throughout the entire rotational movement of the Y-axis in conjunction with the grinding spindle.


Patented worldwide


Short travel paths

• Optimal cycle times

• Compact design

• Modular construction

• High rigidity

• Highest precision

• Excellent grinding possibilities

Tools Length/Diameter 260 mm / 22 mm

Axis Travel

X, Y, Z-Axis Travel 350, 350, 230 mm
B, C-Axis 195˚, 360˚
Resolution of Axes X, Y, Z 0.0001 mm
Resolution of Axes B, C 0.0001˚

Grinding Spindle

Wheel Spindle Motor 20Kw (27HP) motor direct drive
Wheel Spindle  HSK50
Wheel Spindle Rotation 0~9,000 R.P.M. (infinitely variable)
Wheel Max. Diameter 150 mm
Wheel Mount Diameter 20 mm
Grinding Wheels Number for Package 1~3 pcs (or 1~4 pcs )


Program Controlled Cooling With Coolant Valves 3 valves
Workhead Spindle Inner Taper BT-50

Control Unit NUM

PC-Control NUM POWER 1060 & Industrial PC
Monitor 19" color
Machine Dimensions
Machine Dimension 300 x 200 x 220 cm
Electrical Control Cabinet 60 x 120 x 200 cm
Machine Weight 5000 kgs
Air Compressor Required 5 kg/cm2
Electricity Required 30 KW (40HP)