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FC-250W feature is new or used diamond grinding wheel and forming of a machine. The main can supply professional grinding wheel manufacturer the needs of the body, on the other hand also for tool manufacturers with a tungsten steel sharpener to be regarded as a special grinding wheel in the grinding machine.

CCD can be placed on the table by adding C-axis rotation axis R grind the demand angle, it can also be moved relative degree angle grind. Machines with the optical device can be accurately fed to the desired size, every scale precision up to 0.001mm, is a basic models easy to use and has high-precision models.

Diamond Grinding Wheel Spindle HSK50A (up to customer)
Diamond Grinding Wheel X axis 170 mm
Diamond Grinding Wheel Y axis 135 mm
SIC Wheel Spindle(Green) 0.75 KW
SIC Wheel-Oscillation axis (S axis) 0 ~ 100 mm
Infeed Axis (Z axis) 60 mm
Moving Accuracy 1μ = 0.001 mm
Rotation Angle Stroke -90° ~ +90°
(Equipped with High Performance Swiveling Angle Reader ) 0.05°
Grinding Wheel 
Grinding Wheel(GW) Diameter Ø50mm ~Ø250mm (Max)
Dressing Wheel(sic) Dimension Ø175 × 12T × 31.75H mm
Grinding Speed
GW’s Rotation Speed 100 ~ 1000 rpm
SIC Wheel Rotation Speed 200 ~ 2000 rpm
Camera System
CCD Camera System 15x ~ 120x