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FC-500D is the highest level of the three kinds of grinders which can grind the blade and coordinated with a variety of optional accessories milling cutter length and cutter. Regardless of HSK, BT, and straight shank, they can be milled to meet all the machining requirements of customers.

FC-500D machine direction and the first two models are different; this is processed from the side. So put big body up to 450mm long distance, and is equipped with electric Dresser function wheel to stay in Lido achieve good grinding ability. Due to a variety kinds of accessory, the customers can choose in accordance with processing demands and types.

Splindle motor power output 3HP ( 2.2KW)
Splindle rotation speed 0 ~ 3600 RPM
Oscillation axis (Y axis) 480 mm
Infeed axis (X axis) 130 mm
Cross-slide (moving left and right) 100 mm
Cross-slide (moving forward and back) 100 mm
Rotation axis (angle )C-axis -90° ~ +90°
Elevating axis (up/down) stroke 130 mm
Splindle inclination angle -3° ~ 25°
Grinding Wheel
Grinding wheel diemnsion  Ø150 x 40T x 40H mm
Related Mechanical Equipment
CCD Camera system 15x ~ 120x
Air pressure regulator  0 ~ 5 kg