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The operation of FC-32A is particularly simple and does not require special technology, even the apprentice can grind out an accurate drill.

The design focuses on the practicality and using efficiency. The drills with different sizes and shapes can be set completely within a few seconds. When the drills are grinded, the chuck will execute rotation motion, front and rear motions, and the entire working head will swing around, and three actions are carried out simultaneously, so that the correct arc can be made by grinding, and the rear bevel size of the drill can be adjusted arbitrarily.

When the cam rotate a circle, a drilling blade is then grinded out; the cam rotate another circle, the second drill blade is then grinded out, so that the height of two blades will not have error. The cam’s machining is done by the wear-resistant alloy steel, the hardness after heat treatment. is HRC62 ° or more, may coordinate with the ball bearing to do rolling rotation, high precision, long life.

Clamp the drill bit on the precision six jaw chuck, turn the hand wheel to grind both sides of the drill blades. The six-jaw chunk has high precision, and is once clamping, so both sides of the grindeded blade have exactly equal length and angle without eccentric phenomenon.

Dimension 700x700x380 mm
Workpiece Size   32 mm
Main Spindle Roundness 0.01 mm
Motor Power of Workpiece Spindle 1.0 kw
Workpiece Spindle Rotation Speed 2880 RPM
Swiveling Angle 0 ~ 180゜
Angle Adjustment 0 ~ 20゜
Grinding Wheels
Grinding Wheels Dimesion  GW Ø180x19Tx31.75H mm
CUP Ø165x20Tx31.75H mm
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