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FC-300E is a 3200L cutting oil filtration equipment which can be coordinated with the grinder equipmentsprduced by various manufacturers to filter accurately large quantities of tungsten steel produced from grinding. On the one hand, the cutting fluid can be kept clean and constant temperature at all times; on the other hand, the grinding speed can be improved, and the loss rate of grinding wheel can be reduced. This full-range device coordinated with Grundfos pumps are the guarantee of long life and high quality.

The type-E represents that the contents are three filter buckets with filtration capacity of 560L / min, and the four barrels are constituted by 61 filters in each barrel. When the oil sludge containing tungsten passes, it can be indeed filtered with the precision up to 1. In addition, it can be coordinated with three grinders with large flowrate or six grinders with small flowrate.

Dimension 3600x1900x1500mm
Tank Capacity 3200L
Filtration Accuracy 1μm
Filter Tower 4
Flow Rate 560L/min(MAX)
Filter Pump Grundfos 3.0KW
Oil Chilling Equipment
Tonnage 10T (Option : 12T)
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Oil Chiller Pump Grundfos 2.2KW