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FC-200D is a specialized production of PCD, PCBN blade-based precision tool grinder. Regardless of standard knives, non-standard knives, milling knives, inner hole turning tools can achieve completely and reach accurate precision, the blade can also be used again after the ground and reprocessed use.

Grinding process using CCD for focusing, and the work slide rail adopt the Swiss SCHNEEBERGER coordinated with the feed screw and linear scale accurate precision up to 0.001mm. Feeding habits also designed for users to obtain the best grinding effect by controlling the gas pressure.

Splindle motor power output 3HP ( 2.2KW)
Splindle rotation speed 0 ~ 3600 RPM
Oscillation axis (Y axis) 180 mm
Infeed axis (X axis) 80 mm
Cross-slide (moving left and right) 100 mm
Cross-slide (moving forward and back) 100 mm
Rotation asix (angle) C-axis -90° ~ +90°
Spindle inclination angle -3° ~ 25°
Grinding Wheel
Grinding wheel Diemsion Ø150 x 40T x 40H mm
Related Mechanical Equipment
CCD Camera system 15x ~ 120x
Air pressure regulator 0 ~ 5 kg