FC-50N & FC-80N

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Machine Features
Precision structure, long usage
Workhead base is made of high strength aluminum alloy with precision boring and milling processing.
Spindle is adopted S.K.F. bearing steel, with high precision linear rotating bearing and less frictional resistance; the roundness can reach to 0.005 mm.

Both ends of the grinding wheel Mandrels is supported by precision bearings, the transmission between Mandrels and Motor is by the rubber coupling. The Mandrels has high stability and long usage, grinding wheel has balancing block for smooth operation.

The heavy duty compound slides and one pieces case based provide extra rigidity and minimize vibration.
Spindle and six-jaw chuck have lubrication device to ensure accuracy and usage life.

Simple operation and high accuracy
Simple operates without special operation skill.
Rotation the hand wheel, six-jaw chuck will automatically do rotation; back and forth movement, and oscillation movement, three actions simultaneously to create the arc of front end of the drill.
This machine is designed to focus on the practicality and efficiency. For variety of sizes and different shapes of the drill, operator can set completed in very short time.

To clamp the drill in the six-jaw chuck, turn the hand wheel to grind both sides of the drill edge. Both sides of drill edge and angel are completely equal without eccentric.
After the accomplished of drill grinding, then can do drill web thinning without removing the drill from the chuck to ensure the accuracy of the center and reducing the cut resistance.

  FC-50N FC-80N
Machine Dimensions 75×92.5×130 cm 80×100×138 cm
Weights   300 kgs 380 kgs
Main Spindle Roundness 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
Main Spindle Rotation Speed 0 ~ 2880 rpm(adjustable) 0 ~ 2880 rpm(adjustable)
Grinding Dimension (suggestion)
Flat Type ø180×32T×31.75H  mm ø180×32T×31.75H mm
Dish Type ø165×21T×31.75H mm ø165×21T×31.75H mm
Infeed axis of Grinding Wheel
X axis (Left / Right) stroke 240 mm 240 mm
Y axis (Front / Back) stroke 180 mm 200 mm
Z axis (Up / Down)  110 mm 110 mm
Swiveling Shaft (angle) 0~20˚ 0~20˚
Drill Size ø2 ~ ø51 mm ø4 ~ ø80 mm
Point Angle 40˚ ~ 180˚ 40˚ ~ 180˚
Clearance Angle 0˚ ~ 18˚ 0˚ ~ 18˚