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FC-300D is FC-200D advanced version, not only grinding PCD, PCBN inserts external optional accessory can be paired with a simple formula to produce cutter and reamer, to meet customer demand for further processing.

Because FC-300D body swaying slightly longer trip, hence a long piece of can be processed. Coupled with the wheel spindle to pay more than the FC-200D and functions that can be moved up and down, left and right roll axis chosen by the panel operations can save a lot of adjustments at the time of the operation is relatively a lot easier.

Splindle motor power output 3HP ( 2.2KW)
Splindle rotation speed 0 ~ 3600 RPM
Oscillation axis (Y axis) 288 mm
Infeed axis (X axis) 80 mm
Cross-slide (moving left and right) 100 mm
Cross-slide (moving forward and back) 100 mm
Rotation axis (angle)C-axis -90° ~ +90°
Elevating axis (up/down) stroke 130 mm
Splindle inclination angle -3° ~ 25°
Grinding Wheel
Grinding wheel Dimension Ø150 x 40T x 40H mm
Related Mechanical Equipment
CCD Camera system 15x ~120x
Air pressure reuglator 0 ~ 5 kg